The CODY MICHAEL BOUCHARD FUND is extremely proud to announce that the I RIDE 4 CODY was such an amazing success in 2021 that we decided to do it again in May 2022.

We were contacted by Tanya Narang, a mother of a young swimmer from Senneville pool where Cody was a lifeguard. Tanya is a runner and had planned to run the Half Marathon in the Ottawa Marathon this year.  She had the great idea that her and some friends would like to raise money for the CMBFUND and VOBOC, all while running the marathon.

We thought this was a great idea and the I RUN 4 CODY was started.  Since this years Ottawa marathon is a virtual event, meaning you can register for the marathon and run it anytime from May 1st to May 30th, runners are able to register and collect donations while running in their own towns.

The amount of interest we have had is overwhelming.  VOBOC has registered and become an official charity on the Ottawa marathon website.  The I RUN 4 CODY is the official team name of everyone who wants to raise monies and register their teams.

We have had many people asking if they can create their own runs in their own towns and we are so happy about this!!!  We ask that everyone register for the Ottawa marathon through their site and then register under the I RUN 4 CODY banner.

Tanya has agreed to take point on any questions you may have about registering your team into the Ottawa marathon.  The I RUN 4 CODY team will be here to support your team on our facebook page and we will be there when you run!!!  You can reach her at